Zoom Instructions for Students Updated 1/6/2022

If you are participating in a class via Zoom, you are expected to participate to the same extent as any in-person attendee. To that end, the following is required of remote learners:

            1.         The video on your computer must be turned on for the entire class period with a live shot of you facing the camera with your face clearly visible in the video.

            2.         You must be prepared to unmute your audio when you are called upon by the professor to answer a question or for any other purpose.

            3.         You must use your full name as your Zoom screen name.  You may not use nicknames, telephone numbers, or other designations unless you have the School’s written approval.

            4.         You may step away from the video for a brief period to use the restroom, just as you can if you were attending class in person. However, the video must remain on when you step away.

            5.         The School will be monitoring your compliance with these requirements.  Failure to adhere to them will result in your being marked absent from the class.

            6.         Links to the Zoom session for each class will be posted on TWEN under ‟Weblinks.” 

            7.         Your audio should remain muted during the class unless the professor instructs you otherwise.

            8.         Your professors will provide you instructions about how they desire to communicate for questions, etc. This may include using Zoom’s chat function, designating a student to field questions on chat, or using the ‟raise a hand” feature on Zoom.

            10.       You may use any means available to you to record the Zoom class, but you must be present on Zoom to be counted as present for the class. The School will not post recordings of classes.