The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will hear appellate arguments in two cases at Nashville School of Law at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10. All are invited to attend.

A docket is available here and the trial court decisions are here.

The first case that will be argued, Bullard v. Facilities Performance Group, involves an employee who was injured when she missed a step and fell leaving the building she had just cleaned for her employer.  The employer denied her workers’ compensation claim on the basis that the fall was due to an unknown cause and was not related to the employment.  The trial court found the steps on which the employee fell were a hazard of her employment, making her fall work-related.  The employer has appealed, arguing that the fall and resulting injuries are not causally related to the employment.

The other case on the docket, Mitchell v. Bunge North America, involves an employee who suffered a fatal heart attack while at work, and his widow sought to recover death benefits provided by the workers’ compensation laws.  She argued that her husband’s death was the result of work-related exertion, work-related inhalation exposure to grain dust, and/or work-related stress.  The employer filed a motion for summary judgment, which the trial court denied, finding factual disputes existed with respect to all three theories of recovery asserted by the employee’s widow.  The employer has appealed. 

Students, faculty, alumni, and others are welcome to attend these arguments, which should conclude by 8:00 P.M.  A reception at 5 p.m. will provide an opportunity to meet the appeals board judges – Presiding Judge Marshall L. Davidson, III, a professor at the School; Judge Timothy W. Conner; and Judge David F. Hensley

For general  information about the appellate process: