Nashville School of Law’s Annual Recognition Dinner was one of many events canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the cancellation, these generous donors showed their support for the School and we thank each of you.

R. Chris Babaoglu

Jimmy L. Badger

Daniel A. Bailey

Billy Baliles

Martha & Bob Beck; Bill & Pam Beck – Beck & Beck

Kristin and Dan Berexa

Jacqueline E. Bolton

Lance Bracy

David and Nancy Bragg

Wilton W. Burnett, Jr.

Grayson and John Cannon

Laura Chastain

Tina and Lou Chiozza

Connie Clark

Frank G. Clement, Jr.

Charlotte & Tom Cone

Jim G. Creecy

Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr.

Ted A. Crozier, Jr.

Ryan Davis

Stephen E. Davis

Thomas K. Davis, Jr.

Harlan Dodson Dodson Parker Behm Capparella

Steve Dozier

James W. Edwards

Glenn Funk

Robert and Betty Goodall

Sharon E. Guffee

Hall & Associates (M. Wesley Hall, III)

Candi Henry

David Herbert

Henry Hildebrand

Trevor W. Howell

Christopher and Bernadette Hugan

Kim Reed-Bracey Johnson

Tyler Judge

Debby and Bill Koch

Craig LeQuire

Carlton Lewis

Maddox Foundation

Sharon T. Massey

Amanda McClendon

John McLemore

Jeff Mobley

Marlene Eskind Moses

Patricia Head Moskal

Nashville Scottish Rite

Lynn Newcomb

Vickie and Tom Norris

A. Michelle Poss

W. Casey Reed

Charles Ridenour

Phillip Robinson

Carol and John T. Rochford

Helen S. Rogers

Mary Frances Rudy

J. Frank Rudy, Jr.

Maria Salas

George Shuff, III

Janice Spillman

Clark Spoden

David Stanifer

Jeff Stewart

James W. Stinnett, Jr.

Joel B. Stoner

Wayne Sutter

Matthew J. Sweeney

Gary W. Temple

Tom White – Tune Entrekin & White

Vivien Wang

Robert A. Zika

You can show your support for Nashville School of Law here.

*List updated 6/8/2020