Practice Bar Exam

All 1L and 2L students are required to take a practice bar exam.

Here are the details:

  • The exams will be administered at 6:30 p.m. on both May 13 and 16. Students need to attend only one testing date.
  • 1Ls will have two hours to complete 67 multiple choice questions covering torts, contracts, and criminal law.
  • 2Ls will have three hours to complete 100 multiple choice questions covering civil procedure, constitutional law, evidence, and property. 2Ls are welcome to take both tests if they wish to attend both nights.
  • NSL exam conditions will apply. The tests will be on Scantron paper only. No computers.
  • There is no signup needed.
  • Completion of the test is required for advancement to the next year of study. Students who have completed only a portion of the requirements for either year should not take the test.
  • Makeup exams are highly discouraged, as this date has been on the calendar since the academic schedule was announced. If you have an unavoidable conflict, contact Heather Bright in the office. Makeup fees will apply.

Individual results will be shared with students via SONIS and results review sessions will be scheduled.

3Ls & 4Ls

3L and 4L students are welcome to take either or both exams. Both exams will be administered on May 13 and May 16. Students are welcome to come to either or both days.