Rigorous Writing Exercise

Credit Hours:

Candi Henry
Students are assigned a mentor to guide them through this independent study project

Third Year


The Rigorous Writing Exercise is an independent study project. RWE pairs each student with a judge or attorney who will serve as a mentor as the student completes a significant research paper of substantial length and sophistication. Students schedule meetings with their mentors throughout the course to help finalize topic selection, discuss research plans, and receive feedback on the project as it is developed. RWE has several goals, all of which are designed to develop skills that will be necessary in the professional workplace. Students are expected to (1) demonstrate their mastery of legal writing by incorporating principles of plain English writing and proper citation into a complex work of legal research, (2) showcase their ability to develop and manage a complex project, and (3) to show that they can meet the character requirements of the profession by completing their work diligently and interacting with their mentors with professional courtesy. You can read more here.