Congratulations to NSL graduates who passed the Tennessee Bar Exam

Results of the midyear administration of the Tennessee Bar Exam, which was pushed back to October, were released on December 9. The following NSL alumni passed the admissions assessment.

Members of the Class of 2020 who sat for the exam had a 76% pass rate. All NSL candidates taking it for the first time had a 74.5% pass rate.

Congratulations to each of you for persevering and accomplishing this most notable achievement.

Erwin David Aguilera

Tammy Anderson

Taryn Anderson

Pooja Bery

Emily Annette Brogdon

Casey Dwayne Brown

Frank Byers

Corey Coleman

Carley Darby

John Michael Deakins

William Don Duke

Carla Grebert

Victoria Grelle

Heather Grewe

Kaylee Houston

James Jarman

Bobbie Jean Lamar

John David Lee

David MacNeill

Robert Marks

Michelle Marshall

Nicole Latrice Martin

Jardyn Layne Morgan

Karin Morris

Jeremy Moseley

John Murphy

Loren Rivers Nesler

Shaun Noblit

Katherine Nyquist

Lacey Piland

Doni Porteous

Matthew Rogers

John Romero

Brook Van Santos

David Shelley

Dustin Skilbred

Haley Smith

Taylor Smith

Logan Sorrells

William Anthony Spaniard

Elizabeth Spurbeck

Skylar Stone

Abby Taylor

Blake Taylor

Elliott Webb

John Wills