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NSL Reinstitutes Mask Mandate; Students Required to Report Vaccine Status

The most recent increase in the number of cases has prompted the School to institute a mandatory indoor mask policy for all visitors to campus, regardless of vaccination status, effective immediately. The best protection against COVID 19 remains vaccination, and we strongly encourage all members of the NSL community members to do so.

The School does not take this decision lightly and this mandate will be in place until vaccine rates go up and transmission rates go down to acceptable levels.

In addition, Nashville School of Law will require all students to report their COVID-19 vaccination status to the School. The information will be kept strictly confidential. The School will reference the information for contact tracing and quarantine should either of those actions become necessary. Students should check their email for information about how to report their status.

The vaccination rate will continue to guide the School in future decisions regarding mask mandates, remote learning, and other COVID-related policies.

Measures still in place at this time:

  • Eating on campus is limited to the outside courtyard and will not be permitted inside the building for all individuals.
  • Social distancing will remain in effect in classrooms for summer courses.

As the seasons progress, vaccination rates improve, and the spread of the disease weakens, the School expects to loosen restrictions in accordance with health care guidance.

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