Nashville School of Law

Student Attendance Submissions

Use these links to record attendance for NSL classes each week. Students may complete the entire form once each week, or complete sections throughout the week. All attendance records for each week are due by 8:30 a.m. Friday.

1L Class Attendance

2L Class Attendance

3L Class Attendance

4L Class Attendance

Electives Attendance


Do not mark any attendance for a class you are not enrolled in.

Attendance Reminders:

  • All attendance questions must be emailed to Failure to do so will delay any response or action.
  • Do not email the office if you did not submit your attendance by the deadline unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.
  • Attendance must be submitted online using the form no later than 8:30 a.m. each Friday for that week. Students may not enter attendance prior to the completion of any class.
  • Any discrepancy between SONIS attendance records and what you believe your attendance should be must be supported by a confirmation email from your online attendance submission. Include your full name, year in school, and specific classes with course numbers you wish to clarify. Allow at least 10 days for SONIS records to reflect attendance submissions.
  • You may enter all your attendance for the week at one time, or do each class or night individually. A confirmation reply email will be sent immediately for each submission and any attendance questions must be accompanied by the confirmation email. If you have any problems with the submission form or confirmation email, they must be emailed to PRIOR to 8:30 a.m. on Friday for that week’s attendance.
  • Students have reported that some phones do not support the attendance submission form. If you do not get a confirmation email, try another device.
  • There is a spot to indicate “did not attend” for each class. While it is not required, the School recommends you make a selection for each class to be sure you did not omit any attendance records. Do not fill out any attendance for any class that you are not enrolled in.
  • Any class that does not have an attendance indicated will be considered an absence.
  • Students must complete their own attendance records.
  • Failure to abide by any of the attendance rules is subject to review under the Honor Code.
  • There is a separate link for the elective classes. If you are taking any elective, you will fill out two attendance forms each week.

Equal Justice University Scholarship

The Tennessee Bar Association is sponsoring three scholarships to law students to attend the virtual Equal Justice University Conference on September 9 – 10. EJU 2020 includes a combination of on-demand and live sessions (see agenda). Even though it’s virtual, there will be opportunities for engagement via Trivia Night and a leaderboard where attendees gain points for completing various activities for a chance to win a Dell laptop.

The application is available here. The deadline is August 26.

Book Lists for 2020-21

You can access book lists for each of the classes by year, including electives, via the links below.

If you wish to purchase any books from NSL, select the titles, choose a date to pick up books, then submit the form. NSL will package your books together and send you an email confirming they are ready to pick up on your chosen date. You will pay for the books at the time you pick them up.

All incoming 1L students will pick up books at orientation on July 29.

1L Book List

2L Book List

3L Book List

4L Book List