Nashville School of Law

TLAP Resources for Law Students and Attorneys

The Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program is offering resources specifically designed to assist the legal community in light of COVID-19.

This document offers materials, services, and guidance. In addition, TLAP is offering the following services:

Weekly TLAP Lawyers in Recovery Group

Fridays 3:30 – 4:30 PM CT

The LIR group will focus on sharing experience, strength, and hope about recovery from substances and other addictive behavior. It is open to anyone who is in recovery or curious about recovery.

Weekly TLAP Legal Community Support Group

Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30 PM CT

The legal community support group will be an open forum for legal professionals to discuss problems and solutions related to any facet of life. This meeting will be a peer-led support group and will not follow a 12-step format.

Both meetings will be peer-led; however, in order to best protect the privacy of participants, TLAP will set up and invite attendees to each meeting. If you would like to be included in either or both meetings, please email Emily Lacey to be added to the list.

For privacy reasons, each participant must have a unique access link to enter the meeting which will be emailed to you individually.

Congratulations to NSL Alumni for February 2020 Bar Examination Performance

The following Nashville School of Law graduates passed the February 2020 Tennessee Bar Examination. Congratulations to all for your extraordinary accomplishment!

Courtney Kail Benjamin

Terria Denise Blunt

Elizabeth  Borsavage

Richard Wayne Edwards

Phillip Scott Gass

Galen Sophia Gray

Brandes  Holcomb

Andrew  Kim

Kenneth  Lovell

Gene Foy Martin

Lamar  Moore

Catherine Treadwell Perry

Rachel Melissa Sellers

Ronda Gail Spivey

Rodger Dale Waynick

Lacey Michelle Webb

Lisa Gayle Woolley

Student Information Regarding Final Exams

Thank you for your sustained dedication to your legal studies and your flexibility in continuing your education during the COVID-19 pandemic. NSL’s goal is to enable you to complete this school year on schedule with as few disruptions as possible.  While the finish line is not yet clearly in sight, we will finish the race together.

Based on current information, and in light of guidelines issued by the federal, state, and local governments, the School has developed a plan for the administration of final exams. 


Exams will be held at the time and date previously scheduled.

  • Exams will be taken off site using ExamSoft.
  • Provisions will be made for students unable to take exams off site.

Detailed information follows, but updates and specific details will be provided for each exam. Please watch your email for updated information and follow the most recent instructions you receive, as plans may change as the situation develops.

Exam Schedule

Final exams will be held as scheduled.  The current schedule is as follows:

5051LAdministrative LawAlexanderTake-home
4154Advanced Legal StudiesShonholtz4/30/20
4124Bar Exam WorkshopHudson4/22/20
4014Business AssociationsR-B Johnson4/27/20
2034LCivil ProcedureSpoden4/16/20
1104LCon. Crim. Law & ProcedureFrogge/Funk5/7/20
2094LConstitutional LawKoch4/20/20
1054LContract LawHarbison4/27/20
3034LEstate PlanningDodsonTake-home Paper
5231LIntellectual Prop. & Tech LawLanquist4/22/20
5031LNegotiation & Drafting of
Music Industry Agreements
2084LProperty LawFielding4/30/20
5404LTheory & Practice of NegotiationBridgesmithTake-home
3074LTorts IIDavidson5/4/20

Exam Location

Unless designated otherwise, all exams will be administered using the ExamSoft program.  Students using ExamSoft will be permitted to take the exam off site at a place of their choosing and at the same time the exam would have been administered at the School. Students will have the option to take the exam at the School at the originally scheduled time if they are unable to take the exam off site. 

If you choose to take the exam at the School, you must contact Heather Bright at least one week prior to administration of the exam to inform the School of your plans. The School will mandate appropriate social distancing measures for those students taking the exam at the School.

In addition:

  • Any exam that is handwritten (not on ExamSoft) must be taken at the School.
  • Any student unable to take the exam at the scheduled time will be required to take the exam at the School within one week of the administration of the exam. This option is reserved for extreme circumstances only.
  • For students receiving test accommodations, the School will contact you directly regarding arrangements for your testing.

Exam Conditions and Reminders


  • Faculty members will communicate directly with their students regarding the format of their exam and expectations, particularly if there are changes to original exam plans. 
  • Students will receive emails prior to each exam with detailed instructions. Students are responsible for ensuring the School has a current email address (update in SONIS) and for following all instructions provided.
  • Make sure ExamSoft software on personal computers is up to date well in advance of taking any exam.
  • Exams will be available for download at least 24 hours prior to the examination. Students will receive an email when an exam is ready for download and should download it at their location as soon as the exam becomes available.


  • The password for each exam will be emailed to all students in the course at 6 p.m. CDT on the day of the exam.
  • All final exams begin at 6:30 p.m. Standard exam time allotted for two- and three-credit courses is 210 minutes. The time allotted for a one-credit course is 100 minutes.  Professors may make adjustments to these time requirements.
  • ExamSoft will be programed to enable students to keep track of the elapsed time once they begin an exam and the program will limit the amount of time allowed for taking the exam. Students will receive an alert five minutes before the allotted time expires. The ExamSoft program will automatically shut itself down and upload the exam when the allotted time has expired.
  • Students must begin and end the exam within the prescribed window of 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. (or 9 p.m. for one-credit classes).
  • Once students begin the exam, they must complete it.  The elapsed time will not be suspended once the exam is opened.
  • The exam window does not include time required to upload the exam, but students should upload their exams as soon as they are finished.


  • The ExamSoft software will provide confirmation that a test has successfully uploaded.  Students may also receive email confirmation if their individual settings are properly configured.
  • Students should not contact the School to verify that an exam has been uploaded.  There will be no independent confirmation from the School that a test has been received. The School will contact students directly if a completed exam has not been received.

Technical Support

  • Questions may be directed to Chip Loser or email ExamSoft or call (866) 429-8889.
  • The School is unable to provide technical support during exams. If your computer freezes or otherwise malfunctions, turn off your computer and restart it, which often remedies the problem. No additional time will be given for computer malfunctions. Notify Chip Loser immediately if you cannot resume your exam, and the School will arrange for you to complete the exam at the School.

All work on an exam must be a student’s own. The Honor Code is in effect for all exams, regardless of manner and location of administration.

All provisions of Section 16 of the Policies and Procedures apply to exams.

The School is not suspending the grading system or moving to a pass/fail approach as some other law schools have done. More details about the grading scale can be found in Section 17 of the Policies and Procedures.

Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate these uncertain times.  Do not hesitate to contact Heather Bright should you have any questions or if staff can be of any assistance.