Nashville School of Law

NSL Scholarships Available

The School provides scholarships awarded on the basis of need, merit, or both to students who are in good standing. Scholarships are awarded on a year-to-year basis, provided either as a credit against a student’s account or as a direct payment to the student. Unless the donors have specified otherwise, the Scholarship Committee selects scholarship recipients and determines the amount awarded.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is November 1, 2020. To apply, submit a letter to the School explaining the basis for your request. The letter should include a biographical statement of your past and present situation, your plans for use of your legal training, and the basis of your need for financial assistance.

The letter should be addressed to Dean William C. Koch, Jr., and delivered in person to the administrative offices or emailed to Susan Dulin at

The scholarship committee will notify students of awards in December.

2020-2021 Honor Council Representatives


Phoebe Dozier (1-year term) –
Joshua Hunter (1st year of 2-year term) –
Kelley Moody (1-year term) –


Ronnell Griffin (1st year of 2-year term) –
Josh Lewis (1-year term) –
Monique Tillage (2nd year of 2-year term) –


Joe Agee (2nd year of 2-year term) –
Johnny Peppers (1st year of 2-year term) –
Nicole Savino (1-year term) –


Nathan Abelt (1-year-term) –
Stephanie Brake (1-year term) –
Sydney Raines (2nd year of 2-year term) –

Zoom Instructions for Students

If you are participating in a class via Zoom, you are expected to participate to the same extent as any in-person attendee. To that end, the following is required of remote learners:

  • Students must participate via Zoom with video turned on for the entire class period with a live shot of student clearly visible in the video.
  • Students must be prepared to unmute themselves to answer a question, brief a case, etc.
  • Students must use their full name as their Zoom screenname. No nicknames (unless it’s a nickname that you have given the school in your records), phone, numbers. etc.
  • Links to the Zoom session for each class will be posted in TWEN under “Weblinks.” Most sessions are set up as reoccurring meetings and the link will be the same from week to week.
  • You must remain muted unless instructed otherwise by the professor.
  • If you are in the NSL building, participating in a class that is being taught remotely, you must participate using your own device with headphones. You may go to any place in the building where you can socially distance – a classroom, the library, etc.
  • Your professor will provide instructions to you about how they wish to communicate for questions, etc. This may include using chat, designating a student to field questions on chat, using the “raise a hand” feature in Zoom, etc.
  • Recording of Zoom sessions will be available for students to review and download. They should be posted no later than one week after the class and will be available for up to two weeks for viewing or download. Do not contact the School regarding when a Zoom session will be posted unless a week has passed since the class.
  • Decisions about the format of exams for remote learners has not been determined.
  • If you have selected “in-person learning” for any class that for any reason is being taught remotely, you may switch your attendance to remote for those sessions without notifying the School.

Other questions about procedures during the pandemic? Check out the School’s COVID Resources Page.

Student Attendance Submissions

Use these links to record attendance for NSL classes each week. Students may complete the entire form once each week, or complete sections throughout the week. All attendance records for each week are due by 8:30 a.m. Friday.

1L Class Attendance

2L Class Attendance

3L Class Attendance

4L Class Attendance

Electives Attendance


Do not mark any attendance for a class you are not enrolled in.

Attendance Reminders:

  • All attendance questions must be emailed to Failure to do so will delay any response or action.
  • Do not email the office if you did not submit your attendance by the deadline unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.
  • Attendance must be submitted online using the form no later than 8:30 a.m. each Friday for that week. Students may not enter attendance prior to the completion of any class.
  • Any discrepancy between SONIS attendance records and what you believe your attendance should be must be supported by a confirmation email from your online attendance submission. Include your full name, year in school, and specific classes with course numbers you wish to clarify. Allow at least 10 days for SONIS records to reflect attendance submissions.
  • You may enter all your attendance for the week at one time, or do each class or night individually. A confirmation reply email will be sent immediately for each submission and any attendance questions must be accompanied by the confirmation email. If you have any problems with the submission form or confirmation email, they must be emailed to PRIOR to 8:30 a.m. on Friday for that week’s attendance.
  • Students have reported that some phones do not support the attendance submission form. If you do not get a confirmation email, try another device.
  • There is a spot to indicate “did not attend” for each class. While it is not required, the School recommends you make a selection for each class to be sure you did not omit any attendance records. Do not fill out any attendance for any class that you are not enrolled in.
  • Any class that does not have an attendance indicated will be considered an absence.
  • Students must complete their own attendance records.
  • Failure to abide by any of the attendance rules is subject to review under the Honor Code.
  • There is a separate link for the elective classes. If you are taking any elective, you will fill out two attendance forms each week.