The law, like life, does not stand still. Learning and mastering such a dynamic field of knowledge requires discipline, mental agility, and attention to detail. Our goal at the Nashville School of Law is to help you develop the professional qualities that will enable you to succeed no matter what the future holds.

Our commitment to continuous improvement in the curriculum will better enable you to strengthen skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communicating. Proficiency in these areas will help you succeed not only in law school, but also on the bar exam and in your career. Attaining this proficiency will require sustained focus and dedication on your part and serious commitment on our part to provide you with support and candid encouragement.

The practice of law is changing in profound ways, and law schools must either respond to these changes or fall behind. With the improvements we are implementing, our curriculum will continue to be the functional equivalent of the curriculum at law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Even with the modest increase in tuition required by these improvements, the Nashville School of Law will continue to honor its historic mission to provide an excellent legal education at an affordable price.